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Are you playing on an 80GB PS3?

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Today when I talked with one of my FFXI friends, he said to me: "My 360 just died and want to install my old PS2 versions on my PS3. I have five hours worth of updates to wait on and am wondering if there are any problems. How are the graphics, too?"

Are you playing on an 80GB PS3? I've been on the 80gig ps3 for a while. I am using an HDTV, but I use the widescreen setting in game and turn the upscaler off in config, myself. Still, the graphics are more crisp and clear than if you played on ps2 using an s-video connection. All text is very readable, and much of the detail is pretty sharp.

This is, of course, compared to the ps2 version on a standard definition television. Compared to pc or 360, it won't look nearly as good, I am sure. However, it may be my imagination, but it seems to run better sometimes than it ever did on my ps2. It is very playable, and only suffers from a few problems.
It sometimes drops to a black screen in what I think is a memory error during very crowded besieged or campaign battles. This is rare, but it kicks you out of the game and requires a console restart to play correctly again. From what I understand, this also occurs on the ps2.

It seems to have issues sending POL friendlist messages and processing the game at the same time. When I would send messages to a friend on another server, my game would chug something fierce for a bit. I seem to have corrected this by deleting my stored sent and received pol messages (saved up to 200 in the folders), so I would recommend keeping that clean. It seems that if the game is saving a new message, and deleting one from a full folder to get room at the same time, it seems to have some priority issues, and the game ends up suffering pretty bad. Whatever the reason, I would recommend not letting the folder fill up with messages.

Otherwise, once in a great while, it will freeze on a zone change. This does not happen frequently... in fact, about on pace with when it happened for me on ps2. The only place it happens consistently seems to be with runic portal transfers. For some weird reason, using those seems to get me about a 25% chance that it'll freeze on transfer (loading screen) and require that I actually switch the system off. Again, this isn't a huge deal to me, personally.

So other than those things, it has run just fine for me for the past... uh... well, I guess about 7-8 months or so. That black screen bit I mentioned first has only happened a total of like 4 times in all that time, and only since the update before this last one. I don't know if they changed something, or what...

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