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Chocobo digging in FFXI

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Chocobo digging is a great way to pass the time, and sometimes dig up some very nice items. The upcoming changes with chocobo raising will add extra possibilities; be sure to check back in the future as we learn more about them!

Chocobo digging is a fun mini-game in FFXI, and one that can eventually produce great profits for the digger. It involves riding around on a rented chocobo, and stopping periodically to have the chocobo "dig" in the ground, to try to find an item. Chocobo digging provides many items that are used in crafting; at high chocobo digging skill levels, some valuable and rare items can be found. There is even a Red Jar furniture item that can only be obtained through chocobo digging! The zones listed above all have items that can be dug up with chocobo digging. This guide provides the details about chocobo digging, so read on to learn more!

How to learn the skills? There is a hidden skill for chocobo digging, that will level up as you dig. As mentioned above, this takes a very long time! There are 10 skill levels, and as you progress it will take less time from when you zone in to when you can start digging, and beween each dig. There used to be rumors about a "testing system", which claimed that in order to advance to the next level, you need to dig up a certain item; this has been debunked, as many people have leveled all the way up without digging up any specific items. Some characters use up more stacks of Gysahl Greens than others, to get a certain digging skill level. There may be a system that is based on the percentage of digs versus how many items are dug up; or maybe it's a system like crafting where there's a chance to gain a "skillup" with each attempt -- nobody knows.

Since we don't know exactly how the chocobo digging skill is raised, your best bet is to keep trying to dig, in zones that aren't completely dug up. At low skill levels you'll have a hard time discerning if the zone is dug up or not. I leveled up by beginning a digging session in a starter city, digging through to a telepoint, getting a new chocobo there and digging to Jeuno. In this way you cover a lot of different zones, decreasing your chance of being stuck somewhere that is already dug up.

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