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I'll admit that before TGS I was feeling a bit let down. It's not cheap to take the train down to Tokyo, spend a few nights in a hotel, etc etc. I knew from reading posts on Japanese sites before I left that there wasn't going to be much for FFXI so in a way, I wondered why I was bothering to go.

However, I'm really glad I went. I met some amazing cosplayers who I hope to see again at VanaFest. I've never been to a fanfest for FFXI before so it was nice to meet other people who play in person. Finding all the "hidden FFXI" references was also a lot of fun. All of the previous Final Fantasy games affect the ones that come afterwards so it's nice to see parts of FFXI being included as well. The chibi Mithra appearing in Echoes of Time were a happy surprise. Listening to the remix of Ronfaure from the new Chocobo game was also a treat. I wish you could save things you download to your DS. The website for the Chocobo game has a music section. It's not up yet but maybe in the future everyone will be able to hear the remix!

I think the ad campaign for FFXI has the chance to be successful. It stood out in SE's series of ads and I saw a lot of people giggling and smiling. Outside of the FF series, SE had a lot of titles they were trying to present in their booth. In my opinion, SE's booth was different from a lot of other companies. It wasn't nearly big enough to hold all the people that wanted to try the games or watch the open theatre.

The closed "mega" theatre tickets were given out almost as soon as doors opened which should be a sign to SE that they need to get a bigger booth. It was also located in the first hall when you enter TGS making it very crowded. Lots of people try to pass by and it's hard to get around the booth. SE doesn't need to be in the first hall to get attention. I saw plenty of people with maps printed out from various websites on where to find the SE booth.

They also don't allow pictures of the booth girls which is kind of odd. Why not take the chance to get free advertising? In the end, I felt the booth was less player-friendly than some of the other booths at TGS. The Chocobo photo area was a nice touch though. Quite a few companies had huge displays (i.e. SEGA, Konami) with interactive events. Rather than getting a chance to play certain games, it was interesting to hear people talk about the process in making it or have mini tournaments on stage.

SE had several games for cell phones at their booth and at other booths around TGS. I think there were more titles for cell phone games than any other platform. A lot of them are just standard puzzle games but it's a huge business. I see commericals for cell phone game sites on TV all the time here. I think that about wraps it up for TGS 2008. Perhaps next year there will be more for FFXI Gil but in the meantime, VanaFest!

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