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Final Fantasy XI: A Look at the Puppetmaster

Author: Herbie Grate Source:

As for the proper support job, several come to mind depending on the job role your leader will have you play. For experience parties, Warrior and Dancer are adequate choices. Warrior will provide a lot of damage boosting potential as a sub-job, and provide you with several useful DD abilities. Dancer is perfect for a support role in the party, being able to assist with healing and enfeebling, at the cost of some damage dealing capabilities. For soloing and back-up healing abilities in a party, White Mage isn't a terrible choice for a Puppetmaster sub-job.

Despite these drawbacks, though, Puppetmaster is a powerful and versatile job that is capable of filling a variety of roles in a party. Skilled Puppetmasters can easily solo many things that several jobs wouldn't be capable of soloing, and in the right hands can outpace certain damage dealers. It's perhaps the most underrated job in all of FFXI and deserves a serious look from most players, but its complex! There's so much to understand about this job it could probably fill a textbook, but it's an immensely rewarding and fun job to play if you stick to it despite some other attitudes towards it, and you'll probably make other Puppetmasters as friends in the process because it's such a tightly knit community. Safe travels, Vana'diel.

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