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Final Fantasy XI Black Mage

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Here is the information about the Final Fantasy XI Black Mage.
The offensive nature of the Black Mage comes in many forms beyond simple nuking. You need a good understanding of a monster's elemental weakness, how to boost your effectiveness in dealing elemental damage, enfeebling and ending skill chains. Skill chains are a series of weapon skills that when done in order, generate large amounts of damage against a target and at the end a Black Mage must know what spell to cast to match the appropriate skill chain in order to create a magic burst. A magic burst posts some impressive damage numbers and closes the skill chain. Another skill set is learning to exploit the elemental weaknesses of a monster type and is a skill every Black Mage should try and learn.
It means that the difference between a spell barely scratching a monster and them getting rocked by the full power of your wrath. You will become more and more dependent on gear swapping to increasing your abilities to exploit that weakness and increase your damage dealing capabilities as long as you progress. To learning how to squeeze the most damage out of a spell, its flip side is learning how much is too much. The last thing you want and can make life hard on everyone else in your party is pulling aggro. If the tank uses up all his tricks saving for you and then the mob turns on your heals, a trigger happy Black Mage is able to get everyone killed. Between love and hate, you must learn to control your damage dealing abilities and walk the fine with your nemesis. It is a chance of death and your steps determine whether it is them or you that die in the end.

The Black Mage in Final Fantasy XI makes use of the elements to cause damage with their mana. However, focusing on magic for them to do damage for the most part, they lack the ability to do their physical damage on their own. Also the Black Mage is feeble compared to the more brute classes. To be most effective, the Black Mage as usual stays in the back of a fight blasting away.
With an average skill in enfeebling at last, you'll also be working to tip the scales in your parties favor with the speel such as Bio, Rasp, Sleep, Drown and many more. Other enfeebles will be to help you alone like Drain and Aspir which will steal your targets HP/MP while adding it back to your own or Spike spells to deal damage back to an attacking mob that strikes you. The Black Mage class abilities are geared for faster MP regeneration and conservation which makes for a nice main or sub for mage classes in general. Since your damage is based on whether you have the MP to let go a nuke or not, these abilities help get and keep you in the fight faster and for longer periods of time.
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