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General Knowledges about Warhammer Online

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Tome of Knowledge

WAR features a "Tome of Knowledge" (ToK) that is an extension upon similar mechanisms in many other MMOs. The ToK is a multi-purpose reference tool that is designed to provide the player with a great deal of information about the game world. It is also meant to serve as a reduction in the need for players to feel like they have to rely upon third-party sources of information pertaining to the game.
The Tome of Knowledge keeps track of all information pertaining to an individual character and their progress through the game. This progress unlocks lore-related information about quests, the gameworld itself, NPCs, and defeated mobs. For example, upon first encountering a mob within the game, a basic entry is added for that creature in the Bestiary chapter of the ToK. However, with increasing contact, kills, and associated activities involving any specific creature, the information available about those encounters will be added to the Tome of Knowledge. Likewise, the ToK keeps track of the story and progression of the character through the gameworld as they complete quests, explore the map, and otherwise accomplish activities within the game.
During the beta period, Mythic had an official monthly newsletter detailing the game's continued development to the public. During this time, the Mythic Community Team also went to considerable length to post on existing community fan-forums to mingle with their future market. GOA, the company managing Warhammer Online in Europe, partnered with several fansites in order to hold contests for entry to the closed beta. Mythic has a fondness toward fansites, and a fansite kit is available for download from the official website. Mythic has suggested that people visit fansites, but they are opposed to having forums on their own website. Instead, they provide a list of dedicated fansites. Fansites allow them to get to know the community.
One of the features of the development of Warhammer Online is the regular video blog of Creative Director Paul Barnett. These videos give the viewer an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes of WAR, often showcasing development screens and concept art for the game. Mythic also releases "Development Diaries" from time to time, meant to give readers a deeper look into the development of war.
Critical reception
Warhammer Online has received favorable reviews. GameSpy gave it 5 out of 5 stars and claimed it, "has hit the ground running with one of the best MMO experiences we've had in a long time. Gamespot gave it a 8.5 out of 10 and said, "Questers and explorers may not find what they're looking for, and certain gameplay systems don't mesh as well as they should. Nevertheless, there's more than enough exciting PvP content here to keep newcomers and veterans alike immersed in the perpetually violent tug of war between the forces of Order and Destruction."

We will go on with the introduction of the regions in the Warhammer Online, stay with us.
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