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Patch 1.0.4 Notes in the Warhammer Online

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Ulthuan's Fury: Interacting with the Ironroot Branch will now correctly summon the Forest Spirits.
Restless Vengeance: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from obtaining this quest again after abandoning it.
Give 'Im Wot He Wants: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from summoning the Giant, which was causing them to become stuck on the quest.
Arming the Militia: Each Defender Corpse players interact with on this quest will now give only one quest item.
Riding to War: Players will once again be able to interact with the Captured Citizens and advance this quest.
Lightbringer: Revised a step of this quest which was causing players to become stuck.
The Ebon Flame: Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from obtaining this quest after abandoning it.
Press the Attack: Players will now only be able to kill the Silversong Bladesingers by using the Hellcannons, as directed by the quest.
Nurgling Nuisance: Added a missing waypoint for this Order-only quest, and also corrected an issue that was erroneously allowing Destruction players to obtain the quest.
Bastion Stair: Fixed a few issues with the Boss monster spawns and abilities in this dungeon.
Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin: Fixed an issue that was causing guards to spawn endlessly within this public quest.
Fallen Keep of Grom Rodrin: The shrines in this Public Quest can now be attacked at melee range.
Burn Rock Tower: All Dwarf NPCs in the vicinity of this Public Quest will now grant influence properly when killed.
Blighted Herd: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from being able to advance this Public Quest beyond Stage 2 by destroying the Herdstone.
The White Tower of Hoeth: This Public Quest will once again properly recognize player contribution when determining loot distribution.
The Bile Lord in the Bilerot Burrow dungeon in the Inevitable City can once again be killed.
Hellglaive Bloodknife NPCs in Caledor will now respond when attacked at range.
Players will now arrive at the correct location when zoning from Bastion Stair to Chaos Wastes.
Blood Focus: This Public Quest will now drop the appropriate range of loot bags.
Old Breath: Players will no longer receive erroneous test messages when right-clicking on this item.
Mote of Zzangal'Nes Nalanel: This item no longer spams the player's chat window when that player is attacking NPCs.
Hardened Obsidian Orb: The enhancement slots have been removed from this item, as they were placed there erroneously.
Vault Gem: Fixed an issue that was allowing this item to be used repeatedly without delay, affecting the performance of the game client.
Sack of Rotting Fruit: This item can no longer be sold.
Thickmuck Keep will now spawn only guards of the proper realm after the keep is claimed by a (wow gold )guild.
Improved the behavior and pathing of Fortress Lords and their guards to ensure that they provide a suitably challenging encounter for players.


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