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Patch 1.0.4 in the Warhammer Online

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General Changes and Bug Fixes General Changes and Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause monsters to improperly flee at full speed. Monsters will now flee from combat at a more appropriate speed.
Capital Cities Capital Cities
Adjusted the text messages that display when the capital cities become contested, to make them more appropriate.
Combat and Careers Combat and Careers 
Balance Essence: The damage of this ability has been increased.
Content Content
Additional polish has been applied to monster pathing and behaviors in the Lost Vale to improve the overall gameplay experience.
The Bastion Stair dungeon boss Kaarn the Vanquisher will no longer erroneously give "Target is Retreating" messages when attacked.
Realm vs Realm Realm vs Realm
The Statue of the Everchosen battlefield objective in the Chaos Wastes will no longer spawn guards of the wrong realm.
The guards at the Maiden's Landing battlefield objective in Avelorn will now spawn at the appropriate level.
Fixed an issue which was causing the RvR campaign to reset prematurely while a capital city was still contested.
Fixed an issue which sometimes caused keeps and battlefield objectives to forget which realm and guild last owned them when the server was reset.
The minimum number of players required to launch scenarios in Praag, Dragonwake and Thunder Mountain has been equalized to ensure even population distribution between all scenarios available when the campaign is in its default state.
In response to player feedback, the amount of renown earned from healing players has been increased slightly.
Tome of Knowledge Tome of Knowledge
Tooltips for Tome of Knowledge tactic rewards have been revised to be more clear and helpful.
User Interface User Interface
Fixed an issue that sometimes caused trainer icons not to appear on the minimaps.

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