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Server Transfer in Warhammer Online

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We are able to give you a list of the servers that will be open for transfer as well as the destination servers in Warhammer Online. They are as follows:
Core Roleplay Servers
Players on Makaisson will have the choice to move to Burlock
Open RvR Roleplay Servers
Players on Ellyrion will have the choice to move to Alarielle
Players on the following Core servers will have the opportunity to transfer to either the Karak Izor or the Karak Norn server:
Karak Ungor
Tor Anroc
Worlds Edge Mountains
Players on the following Open RvR servers will have the opportunity to move to the Dragonback Mountains server:
Clar Karond
Mount Silverspear
Sea of Dreams
Finuval Plain
Please note that this will be a character transfer and not a clone, if your character moves then this will not be reversible. You should be sure to talk with your guild and your other friends on the server to ensure that it is the right choice for you before you make a decision. Also please note that the restriction on realm choice will remain and so you will not be able to move to a server where you already have a character of the opposite realm, you will need to delete all such characters on the destination server before you move.
To assist you in your new home, all destination servers will benefit from a blanket 20% xp bonus to both realms.
As our tests conclude, we will be able to give you further information on this process so please be sure to check the news regularly for updates.
Recent Hotfixes
Players will now be able to bind with the Rally Master Slagrot in Greenskin Chapter 17.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Bloodfiend Flayerkin monsters to respawn too quickly.
The Gunbad Tunnels dungeon boss 'Ard ta Feed will no longer be attackable while he is at the bottom of Lunatic's Descent, outside of the instanced encounter.
A merchant has been added to the Greenskin Chapter 19 Hub.
Lord Yldrian in the Ruins of Anlec now offers the proper basic influence rewards.
Players will now be able to attack the Blackhorn Gors and Blackhorn Bestigors in Talabecland.
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