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Updates in the Warhammer Onlinen 9 2008

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Subscription System
Subscription pages is launched on October 9, 2008.
Tomorrow, on the 9th of October, we will be opening our subscription centre which will allow you to choose and pay for your WAR account. You can access it by logging in and clicking on the 'My Profile' button.
As a part of this process we will need to take the login system on the website offline for about half an hour starting at approximately 8AM CEST, during this period you will not be able to log into the website and if you are already logged in, then you will be automatically logged out. The game servers will not be affected by this and so you will be able to connect and play as normal.
To begin with, you will have the option to pay with a variety of credit and debit cards as well as with game time cards, more options will be made available in the next few weeks.
If you are a Dark Age of Camelot player and you wish to take advantage of the joint subscription offer, then you can do that through this system.
Please note however that in order to take advantage of this offer, your current DAoC subscription must have less than a month remaining before it expires. If your DAoC account has longer than this to run then you can still choose to use this offer when that subscription expires, the WAR subscription period will be added to your current period and your DAoC renewal will be added immediately.
Patch 1.02 will be granted to all European servers on October 10, 2008
Patch 1.02 is coming up with lots of game changing improvements. This patch was introduced to American servers today, but as we don't want to bring down the European servers during prime game time, we're doing so Friday morning instead. We will shut down the servers at 08:00 CEST and are planning to bring them back online by lunchtime. We'll keep you updated during this process.
In order to promote realm and population balance, some realms on some servers will now award their players with a +20% bonus to renown and experience. This is not a permanent bonus, but rather a temporary incentive to promote balance. Realms currently offering this bonus are marked on the server list with a colored icon; blue for Order and Red for Destruction. We will be posting a list tomorrow of which servers will receive this buff!
While in scenarios, players will no longer be able to select "Need" in their loot windows unless their career or race can use the item being offered. Outside of scenarios, this feature is an optional setting that may be turned on manually by group leaders. Please note: players of a lower level than required by the item are still able to roll.
We have added a 'Join All' button to the scenario window which now allows players to join all scenario queues in their current tier at once.
In an ongoing effort to deter players from going AFK while in scenario starting areas, we have made the following changes: Firstly, players who join a scenario and remain in their realm's spawn area for two minutes will be automatically removed from that scenario. Secondly, upon entering the spawn area of a scenario, players will receive a debuff that prevents them from earning renown and experience.
This debuff will be removed when the player leaves the spawn area.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from creating an alliance with more than two guilds. Now that this issue is resolved, alliances can grow to great numbers to crush their enemies!

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