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Updates in the Warhammer Onlinen 9 2008

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Other Updates and Improvements
During this week, we have applied a set of tweaks and changes to our game servers. These were applied silently and no server downtime or client patching was needed to implement them.
General Changes & Bug Fixes
Adjusted the run speeds of dungeon bosses to bring these encounters in line with their intended level of difficulty.
Made some changes to our UI and audio systems to improve client stability.
Terrible Embrace: Fixed an issue that was causing the ability Terrible Embrace to pull targets other than the original target.
Heaven's Blade: This ability now reduces resists by the correct amount and will properly display as a debuff.
Realm vs. Realm
The Tor Anroc scenario now requires players to be closer the The Brimstone Bauble when attempting to pick it up.
mongst the changes are the following two items:
Pets and their ability bars will no longer disappear from a player's screen at random intervals.
We have fixed an issue in which players were sometimes able to avoid the instance lock-out timers for certain 6-man instances.
World Shapers Arrive
All of you who took part in our beta test helped to make WAR what it is and to commemorate this, we are bestowing the title of World Shaper upon you. If you were a member of the test program then you will get an email advising you that you can receive this award. You will then find it nestling inside your ingame mail box ready for you to display to the world.
Remember that only accounts which were active in the closed beta will be flagged, if you subsequently made a new account for the live launch then your new account will not be eligible for this title.

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