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Warhammer Dungeons

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Of late, we have provided a fascinating glimpse into three of the dungeons coming with Warhammer Online: Mount Gunbad, Bastion Stair and Lost Vale. WAR is generating lots of interest for its PvP content, but it hasn't omitted the classic dungeon-dive with some differences. For example, while some dungeons are open-world and some instanced, they are all divided into three 'wings', each 'wing' taking roughly one and a half hours to run, and able to be completed on different occasions. This means that a group can break up the venture into separate excursions, much like a City of Heroes Task Force being broken up over multiple nights of play. You can even change party members between runs.
The Gunbad Tunnels consist of three wings, and are suitable for a group of 6 characters between 23rd and 27th level.
   Entrance Location: the entrance to the Gunbad Tunnels is in the northwestern portion of the Badlands.
Night Goblins, considered to be mad by most civilized peoples, infest the tunnels of Mount Gunbad like deranged parasites. In their delving, the Goblins have discovered many amazing funguses, yet they have also uncovered the remnants of the Mourkain Necromancers. In this sense, the Gunbad Tunnels have been made even more dangerous, and woe betides the adventurers who dare to enter the dark place.
Bastion Stair consists of three wings, and is suitable for a group of 6 characters between 33rd and 39th level.
Entrance Location: any who wish to enter the Bastion Stair must risk madness and search for it within the Chaos Wastes.
The Bastion Stair is a place of Chaos, stained with the blood of countless dead. It is the domain of Khorne, otherwise known as the Blood God and the Skull Lord. The winds that eddy forth from the Stair carry with them the stench of death and decay, a terrible reminder of the fate that awaits the unskilled or unwary.
There is rumored to be a corrupting rift within the Bastion Stair that is open to the realms of Chaos, but few have returned to put the legends to rest.
"We bring skulls and blood for you, oh Master. We lay our gifts at your bloodied feet. Gift us with death this day, for our only wish is to die in your service."
One comment caught our attention. The Lost Vale dungeon, which is the final one in the game, is an enormous and lovingly crafted piece, demonstrating the developers' desire to flesh out the endgame as much as the early game: 'Often, in other MMOs, the company will spend a lot of time making sure the beginning of the game is wonderful, but the rest of it can sort of peter off. But we haven't done that with Warhammer.' We found this especially reminiscent of Age of Conan, which has come in for criticism because the Tortage levels are felt by some to be the best content, while the later game doesn't meet the standards set by the early stages.
And also you won't need to bring more than 6 people to do any dungeon in the game, making this content deliciously accessible: 'Even if the dungeon crawl itself isn't several hours, the process of getting 40 people together can be a multi-hour experience, and we just didn't feel our game needed that.' Another time-saver is the default re-spawning in the dungeon itself if you die. The article also gives several examples of boss fights, and how they are balanced.

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