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Warhammer Online:Marshes of Madness Overview

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On their trek through the marsh, the Drinkards were ambushed by a band of Orcs, but defeated them handily. In celebration, Grolin himself opened a prize barrel of ale that the Dwarfs soon emptied. Their confidence buoyed as much by the brew as their victory over the ambushers, the Dwarfs set out to hunt more greenskins.
Unfortunately, in their distracted exuberance, the inebriated Dwarfs left only two of their regiment to guard the wagon. When the hunting party returned, they found the precious barrels smashed, their kinsmen dead and the wagon destroyed. Enraged at this turn of events, the Drinkards swore an oath to kill a thousand greenskins in revenge. They have made camp by their ruined wagon and patrol the area for any sign of Orc or Goblin.
Unbeknownst to Grolin's men, they have made camp near a particularly gruesome monument called the Tree of Swinging Beards. From the boughs of this twisted, ashen-colored tree are hung cages filled with the skeletal remains of captured Dwarfs. The ground below these cages is carpeted with a thick mat of hair - the remnant of hundreds of generations' worth of Dwarf beards, shorn and left to rot.
The conflict between the Dwarfs and greenskins has spread to nearly every corner of the Marshes of Madness, but there is one place that neither side will venture near. Rising from a dense bank of perpetual fog, a tower of pure jet erupts from the sodden earth. It exudes the menace of concentrated evil, and many of the myriad creatures which dwell in the swamp will not go near it. As a result, the black tower occupies a rare pocket of silence amid the cacophony of chirping frogs and buzzing insects. Rumors abound as to what manner of creature would call such an edifice home, but none who have thus far ventured inside have ever returned.
As the Dwarfs and greenskins wage bitter war, they are unaware that a new menace is taking shape in the foul and gloomy marsh.
The Age of Reckoning has arrived, and the winds of Chaos strengthen as dark powers plot to overthrow the races of men, Dwarfs and High Elves. Stirred by the rise of evil in the world, a terrible, sinister consciousness has awakened. Craving his ancient crown and the power it will bring, the spirit of Kadon, Emperor of the Mourkain, has returned to menace the world. From the ruins of his ancient city deep in the nearby Badlands, the malevolent specter calls upon his people to rise and take revenge upon the living. If Kadon's undead minions are successful in seizing control of the swamp, any hope for the Dwarfs to repel the greenskin horde will drown in the brackish waters of the Marshes of Madness.
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