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Warhammer Online New Hotfixes

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As well as the major patches recently, we have also run a whole bunch of Warhammer Online hotfixes – changes and updates that do not require us to bring the servers down and that you don't need to patch to your client. Here are all the notes from the last few days.
Combat and Careers
Squigs Herder
What Block: The effects of multiple armor de-buffs will no longer stack. Only the largest armor de-buff will affect the target.
White Lions
This issue has been fixed, and pet-related tactics will now continue to affect the pet properly even after it has been killed and a new one summoned.
Throat Bite: This ability will now properly silence the White Lion's target instead of the White Lion himself.
Fixing the issue since it had caused some Keg's End beer kegs to float in the air.
Brol Gronbrow, an NPC in Dwarf chapter 21, will now properly display his name.
A mailbox has been added to the Empire chapter 17 hub.
Vlad Zovenheim in Empire chapter 15 no longer offers quests to Destruction players.

Quests and Public Quests
Champion of Ulthuan:
Players can now properly interact with Derian Stormspear to complete this quest.
Anomalous Behaviour: This High Elf quest will now offer coin and experience rewards when completed.
Fighting' Infighting': Fixed an issue, which sometimes caused players who abandoned this quest to be unable to obtain it again
Bitter Blood: Players will now be able to properly select a reward at the end of this quest.
Gutrock Mine: The Rock Squigs will now properly re-spawn if players fail the third stage of this Public Quest.
The Watchtower: Players can no longer bypass the stage 2 requirement to place Dhar charms on the pedestals.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players who chose an item from a Public Quest loot reward bag to receive an item different than the one they selected.
Corrected several one-handed quest and lair reward weapons that had erroneously been given stats for two-handed weapons.

The affected weapons include:
Bonerender's Dagger
Calamitous Longrifle
Ruggog's Shoota
Vomitous Twanga
Gutslime Shoota
Twanga of the Pyre
Removed an erroneous Engineer career requirement on several items throughout the game
Qhyash Tower: This Open RvR influence reward item was missing some bonuses. These have been added, and the item is now more useful for players of the appropriate level.

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