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Warhammer Online New Hotfixes

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Ironskin Mace: This item was dealing substantially less damage than intended. This has been corrected.
Sword of Toughness: This weapon may now be wielded by Knights of the Blazing Sun.
Some Witch Hunter weapons were found to be improperly placed in the ranged slot, rather than the offhand slot. These weapons have been corrected. This fix will affect the following items:
Silversteel Pistol
Wrathbringer Pistol
Recruit Pistol
Realm vs. Realm
Serpent's Passage Scenario: The defenses at the spawn points in this Scenario have been reinforced to prevent players of the enemy realm from approaching too closely.
Constructed Cannon and Ballista siege weapons will now shoot farther and deal more damage against other siege weapons.
Fixed a rare issue that sometimes caused the Keep Lord of Spite's Reach to spawn without any guards
The Ghrond Sacristy Keep's postern door will now allow the appropriate players to exit as well as enter.

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