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Warhammer Online:Phase (IV)

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Phase 1
As part of our ongoing effort to tweak Warhammer Online based on player play patterns, we are making some adjustments to the rate and manner of experience gain in certain parts of the game. We continually analyze the data from our in-game metrics tool and as a result, we have made some changes to WAR. These changes will ensure that you will see a noticeable improvement to the rate at which you gain experience in tiers 3 and 4.
We are currently in the planning stages for our next phase of experience enhancements, so expect more on this subject soon. In the meantime, we know these adjustments will make for an enhanced game experience in the later tiers as well as providing additional incentive for people to engage in open RvR action. Again, please keep in mind that these changes are only the first step and we have some additional changes/improvements to open RvR that we can talk about next week.
Quest Experience Rewards
We have revised the experience awarded for completing quests in chapters 10 through 22.
New Repeatable Quests
We have added new repeatable PvE quests to all tier 3 chapters (chapters 10 through 14).
The new quests offered in chapters 10 and 11 may be completed twice each.
The new quests offered in chapters 12 and 13 may be completed three times each.
The new quests offered in chapter 14 may be completed four times each.
Skirmish RvR Experience
The experience earned for killing an enemy player in an RvR lake will be increased by +50%.


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