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Warhammer Online's Public Quest System

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Warhammer Online is a new MMORPG created by Mythic and Electronic Arts and will be released on September 18th. Amidst all the hype, many are wondering what sets Warhammer apart from other MMOs.

Waiting around or hunting down enough people to do a massive raid quest with is never fun. Having to bail out of the raid before completion is even worse (any gamer with kids has had this happen before). The former is time consuming and the latter is just plain annoying to both you and the group you're attached to. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to join a large quest without a set time for being there or if you did have to bail out early, still be able to get in on the rewards? Well fellow gamers, never fear because EA Mythic has heard your cries for help and they have come bearing tidings of joy in the form of a unique quest system called Public Quests (Quests & Public Quests in Warhammer Online:

Public Quests are area based quests that you trigger by crossing over into an area where a Public Quest is taking place. Unlike most quests, it's not initiated by speaking with a specific NPC or finding/ looting a random item that has a quest attached to it. As you move into this zone a message flashes onto your screen. The message informs you that a Public Quest is taking place and what you would need to do to be a part of this quest. These quests have huge goals that would be daunting for even an average group to accomplish in the time frame provided. This is where the word "Public" comes into play. The quests are geared for everyone of the same army in that zone to participate in. So, as an example you may have a quest to kill 500 or so Squigs in a 5-10min period of time. Impossible for a few people, but very possible for a multitude of people involved.

Public Quests, much like the other quests in Warhammer, are broken up into chapters. However, there are no one shot Public Quests. You start off in one area and when you're finished with the quest there, you move on into the next area. Each chapter of the quest moving a storyline forward until it usually culminates in a battle with a final boss type monster.

 For most of the time, players will inevitably come across Public Quests while exploring Warhammer online. You all know that Public Quests are tasks that run out in a specific location and have set goals for you to achieve. Each goal achieved will advance the quest to the next stage giving you new goals to complete. Each step in the quest becomes increasingly difficult and most are coupled with timers forcing you to meet the requirements in a short period of time. Everything from killing a set number of mobs or seige targets to capturing bases and flags should be expected.
   Public Quests provide an exciting goal oriented mission for you to accomplish, while catering to everyone! The casual, hardcore, grouping or soloing gamer will all find the Public Quest a viable and easy method to level, gear up, and meet other players.

One distinguishing feature is the Warhammer Online public quest system. As you roam across the map, you will encounter certain events. These events are usually in progress when you arrive and all you have to do to participate is jump in and help with the objective. The quest proceeds in stages and usually ends after three or four stages. The first stage is usually not timed but involves killing 100 or so of some type of mob. The final stages are timed and become increasingly more difficult.

Once the last step is complete, the loot rolling will begin. Those who contributed to the public quest will be listed and the highest contributors are awarded bonuses. The dice are rolled and the rolls are added to the bonuses to calculate the final placement and award loot. In this fashion, your contribution is a factor in what kind of loot you receive but a really bad roll can still dash your hopes.

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