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Warhammer Online: Squig Herder Guide

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Stop Runnin!
Deals 15 dmg and snares target for 40% of run speed for 10 secs. Can be used while moving
Run 'n Shoot
Deals 15 dmg. Can be used while moving
Don't Eat Me
etaunts target. Any dmg done to target end the ability
Deals 25 dmg and 10 more dmg over 5 secs (Squig ability)
Deals 80 dmg and knocks player away. If it's an NPC or monster the target is knocked down instead.
Horned Squig
Summons a Horned Squig
Farty Squig
Cause your pet to explode dealing 30 dmg to all enemies within 30 feet. Next 10 secs will summon the next squig
Cut Ya!
Deals 75 dmg over 15 secs
Goop Shootin'
Sprays corrosive slime towards the enemy. Deals 19 dmg to all targets within 20 feet of target. (squig ability)
Ard Noggin
Deals 20 dmg and reduces threat from your pet's next attack. (Squig armor ability)
Squig Armor
Summons a squig that will eat you. You can manuver and attack while inside.
Gas Squig
Summons a Gas Squig
Poisoned Spine
Squig injects poison into target. Deals 78 dmg over 5 secs and reduces targets chance to critically hit by 42% for 5 secs. (squig ability)
Spiked Squig
Summons a Spiked Squig
Sticky Squigz
Roots all enemy within 30 feet of the caster for 10 secs. Damaged targets have a 50% chance to break free

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