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Warhammer PvP

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    Mythic comes along and puts a lot of effort and time in crafting a dark world where the grit of battle is intense. Warhammer: Age of Reckoning will deliver that long awaited rush to the PvP deprived MMOGer's of the world!Many PvP games, not to mention Warhammer online, try to bring the heat and adrenaline rushes of battle but largely fail due to class balance inadequacy and buggy code, degrading the overall experience.
What makes WAR PvP so good? Mythic's collision detection system which is implemented in RvR and Scenarios areas is well executed. For those that haven't experienced collision detection in an MMOG are about to get a rude awakening. Imagine being a blood thirsty Elven warrior charging head-long into the enemy ranks only to find out you can't get past the defensive line of Chosen and Black Orc warriors. In WAR, players can be blocked from attacking deeper into the enemy lines - forcing would-be commanders of the future to deploy tactics over just simply smashing buttons. Gone are the days where the soft cloth wearing classes are defenseless to the onslaught of the melee. If players employ their strategy right they can protect healers and casters in the back of their warband from the melee carnage that consumes the battlefield when both sides collide.
The battlefield of War consists of three basic areas, like skirmish, scenarios, and RvR.  Players can expect to clash with the enemy on many fronts. Unlike sandbox games, Mythic has carefully sculpted the world environment to smoothly introduce players into PvP.
Skirmish: Skirmish is a term to describe the areas on the map that are not RvR zones but quest areas that dump both order and destruction forces into the same public area. These areas have quests that, one way or another, flag a player for RvR through achieving PQ objectives. The maelstrom of NPC and player battles place a new spin on run-of-the-mill PvP, forcing the two sides to collide in battle.
Scenarios: As soon as you load into the game you have the option to enter scenarios - Mythic's version of instance battlegrounds. Unlike other games, there are numerous scenarios, one per map tier. Each scenario revolves around the map tier you are in; in tier one for chaos you are storming the beach to take a foot-hold on the land against the order forces while in the tier two zone you are fighting take over key terrain. Players will immediately notice two striking features of WAR PvP scenarios - you can load into the scenario from any location and be returned to your starting location as soon as the scenario is over, and you can actually level in the scenarios.
In fact, Scenarios help players level. Mythic has superbly integrated the scenario system so that it isn't a tangent path to leveling your lowbie toon. Players receive a decent amount of XP for killing other players and some quests can be picked up to be completed in the scenario, such as kill 5 players. If you win the scenario, you will receive a sizable amount of XP towards the next level. Mythic has gone a step further by smoothing out level differences among players by providing battle ranks. Battle ranks give lower players the median stats of the level ranges.
Realm vs Realvm: RvR is the coupe de grace of WAR. Players start out at war camps organically placed across from each other in the RvR zone[wow gold]. In the war camps, you can purchase renown armor and weapons, crafting supplies, and receive training. Players charge forth from the war camp's defensive positions and enter the battle zone, becoming flagged for RvR. There are several points on the map that act as key terrain to take. By taking these points of interest, the zones keep will have fewer NPC guards when attacking. While this may not seem like much, you do not want to be attacking a keep full of high level NPCs while fighting off armies of enemy players at the same time.
RvR battles can rage on for hours so be prepared to spend some time fighting. Players will encounter their first RvR battles on the second map in the Tier One area. Keep battles start in the Tier Two area and continue on to Tier Four. There is a bar at the top right corner of the UI that depicts who has control of the zone. If a faction takes the control of the Tier map, it acts as a facilitator in the next zone. The Tier 4 keeps can't be taken unless all other keeps in the lower tier are controlled by one faction. By doing this, Mythic has linked all the areas of the map together with a purpose. No longer are the days where you don't go back and visit an area of the map once you are a high level
That is all about Warhammer PvP. We hope you can benefit from this content.

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