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The Test Sever In Age of Conan

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     This is a test server, you need to be aware that there aren't any game play promises. Test players are there to make the game better and in return for your loyalty you get to be the first to see new things, play new content, and be a voice for the players all over the world who will soon be playing the content you are trying on. 
     For most of the players online, the test server is always a bit different in any given game, but the ideas never change. Provided giving players some place bfore they go live and give, the developers can get the reliable feedback to see the features. That is right, Age of Conan has a quality control department that test the bits before they actually get to the test server, but there just is no real way to replicate a living and breathing community within a limited QA department.  It ends up being a win/win situation for players who crave unorthodox gameplay and for the game makers who need their updates reliably tested before sending them live.
     There are so many benefits to playing there part-time, or even the full-time, besides the amazing community that resides on test. But few people know what is there or even how to get there and that is where I come in with my little how-to for Playing on the Test Server. I aim to convince a few of you to come on over (we have cookies) just to say "Hi!" or maybe hang out a bit and have some testing goodness fun!
     Expect a few key points, functions in the test community mostly like any other server community. First and foremost, we begin to test. We test new features that come in with patches mostly, but since many players are on the test server full-time, many will note bugs through out typical gameplay in all aspects of the game.  Great testers take the time to note all sorts of oddities and glitches, large and small, they keep involved with the various update versions and they work closely with the Funcom Quality Assurance team on things that may need a little extra attention. Above all else, testers provide detailed and constructive feedback consistently and accurately. The information that is provided can make a huge difference in the quality of a patch that will eventually make its way to the live players!
     It goes without saying that everyone likes to help the game better. New test content comes in many different flavors so having a variety of players mimics live server happenings the best and gives developers a  better idea of how features will function.  Whether you are a casual soloer or a hardcore raider, your help can be used.  A lot of testers will log in and keep close tabs on the chat channels looking for wider testing opportunities such as test groups forming or raids being coordinated.
     To be honest, I have to admit that I love to keep up with the new things that are happening and Age of Conan is tossing out update after update with drool worthy goodies. I found myself hopping onto test to see a proposed mechanic that would effect one of my characters, or jumping in to see one of the new areas so often that I ended up playing on test more than I did on live![age of conan gold]

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