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About Priests questing

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   To large scale, questing is where you will get most of your experience, so it is important for you to find a method of questing that you are comfortable with and makes you enjoy the game. For some this is soloing, for others it's grouping. The main thing you should keep in mind is that to progress in this game means you need to do quests. If you enjoy grouping with other players and the more social aspects of grouping, it can be fun and efficient to find and join groups for quests. It does not mean that every group will be enjoyable, there is a lot of pressure playing a Priest, you are expected to perform and if you don't, there is a good chance you will never hear the end of it from many players. Nonetheless, it is still quite feasible to find groups for the quests that others would try and solo. As a Priest, unless you go into the Shadow tree, soloing can be an inefficient use of time. It will be good for you to join groups so that you provide the healing and they provide the damage. A group of a Priest and almost any other class can go on nearly endlessly gaining experience points with little to no down time.
   So we make a decision to menion it from two aspects, one is grouping and another is soloing. The details are as follows:
   Priests are healers, rarely enjoying the opportunity to do damage, it is your job to keep the group alive. Your primary role in every group will be healing. It's expected of the class as they are very good at it and not a strong damage class. Not to say a Priest who has put points into the Shadow Tree can't deal solid damage, but the fact of the matter is that Priests are far better at healing than they are at doing damage.
Although different from server to server, Priests are considered an almost necessary class to run an instance. This means that finding people to group with both for instancing and for questing should not be particularly hard. As always, remember to live up to expectations, most players expect Priests to heal and if you fail to live up to expectations, you may find yourself on certain players black lists.
"Finding groups isn't as easy as it was when the servers were new. Now most servers aren't new and you are almost forced into soloing because it is very rare to find a group forming.
As soloing, the bane of many Priests, this can be a long arduous task or a breeze depending on how you do it. Many Priests find themselves lacking the firepower to quickly and effectively level up on their own. To fix this, many Priests decide to spec in the Shadow talent tree until they are ready to take on the end-game instances so that they are able to solo more effectively and not require a group at all times. The Holy Priest finds this task much more difficult as they are forced to find ways to do damage and stay alive while not draining their mana pool during every fight. Soloing is quite the art and will take some time to find out both how you want to do it, and what the most efficient method is for you to do it.
Many players find the Priest class can be very boring at times. It takes someone with a good amount of determination to stay a Priest. Just remember for those that do stick with it, you're the one keeping the party/raid alive and progressing. That is a reward in and of itself.
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