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Any questions on the Burning Legion and equal opportunity corruption?

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Alex Ziebart answers your quests about the lore in the World of Warcraft. If you have any questions, feel free to let him know. The questions like: I was wondering whether any lore was ever attributed to the Revenant that guarded Frostmourne. He (if it was a he) seems like a pretty compelling character, given that most undead entities are either in league with the Lich King, or at least not overly concerned about the fate of the living. And yet, this Revenant selflessly decided to guard living beings against the Lich King's soul-stealing blade. Any ideas?

I don't believe anything has been stated about that specific revenant, but revenants are described as undead (spirits, likely) that have bonded with elementals. In some sources, anyway. Manual of Monsters says they're simply elementals, but we'll go with the undead/elemental fusion thing.

Revenants are mostly independent. They're not under the Lich King's control at all. This particular revenant probably just figured letting something get their hands on that sword was bad news. Even the elementals would be in trouble if the Legion (and the Scourge) washed over Northrend. Since it was partially undead, it probably had some idea of what was going on.

I had a question about Frostmourne's origin. All the lore seems to be from after Arthas picked it up, but where did it come from? And how come it is so Eeeevviill?

It was originally suggested that Ner'zhul himself forged the sword, but that's highly unlikely. Everything since then has stated that the Legion had a hand in the creation of the sword, so there you go. Is there anything the Legion does that isn't evil?

Anyuska said: "I've got a question that a lore guy could come up with. Is there a lore based reason why Tauren can't become priests? I think it's a little silly considering that zombies can heal themselves and others and Trolls, whom are supposedly not the smartest folks around, can do this as well.

It has nothing to do with how smart you are, so the bit about the Trolls is irrelevant. It's all about faith and beliefs. The Tauren belief system is not at all based in worshiping deities or calling upon them in any way. They revere the Earth Mother, sure, but the Earth Mother is nothing like Elune or the Light, for example.

They do have Druids and Shaman because that's how they roll. They're down with nature, the elements, all that jazz. They have no gods they worship, no higher powers beyond that. Forsaken and Trolls do have those things."

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