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Classes Druid Q/A

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Nurturing Instinct is a talent that still increases healing done by agility. I am sure several druids out there agree that this is not in-sync with Blizzard's shift to Spell Power. Is anything being done about this?
There are still talents that affect just healing and not damage. It is consistent with that philosophy.

Feral Survivability in PvP got hurt a lot. I have heard that there are things in the works to try and fix this. Can you confirm whether this is being looked at?
We have not come to the conclusion that Ferals have become significantly more squishy than anyone else. We believe ALL classes are a little squishy at 70 and the new talents might even continue the trend at 80 (which is one reason we buffed resilience)[wow gold].

Typhoon is a spell that is a main tool in PvP; but several druids feel that it is lacking. Is there any way to consider a 3 second daze or lengthening the distance of the knockback?
When I last researched this spell, it tossed players more slowly than mobs, which made it not actually get opponents as far away as we intended.

Typhoon and Force of Nature: Why two 41pt talents? Seems a little controversial to me. Poor protection paladins can get a single 11 pointer but here we stand with two 41 pointers? Can one of these become trained?
There are inconsistencies like this throughout the trees. It's not a hard and fast rule that the 11, 21, 31, 41 and 51 talents are clickies. We bumped Typhoon up because it felt very PvP oriented to be the bottom talent, yet it filled a niche that we thought was lacking for Balance.

Restoration druids have had their HPS slightly nerfed from Lifebloom (their main arsenal). I understand that you want to give more diverse tools to handle different situation, but I am sure that everyone agrees that each healer has a "staple" role. The nerf, I understand, came mainly due to PvP implications, is there any way to bump this spell a bit though?
The assumption was that it came for PvP reasons, but we also knew that the "right" way to heal PvE as Resto was to keep rolling LBs on 2-3 players at the expense of almost anything else. As I've said before, it was the answer to any healing problem a druid got into. Resto has a huge repetoire of heals now, and we still think LB will be a big part of that.


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