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Developer Q/A about Holy Paladins (src)

Author: inwowgold Source:

Aura Mastery - This needs to be removed and made baseline, Holy paladins need a new 11 point talent.
A little bit of explanation wouldn't hurt when you make claims like this. Typically we don't like to turn good talents into baseline abilities. That either leaves you with mediocre talents or the next tier of good talents (that you ask to be turned into core abilities).

Illumination - Needs a buff, mana return back to 100%? At least 75%
There was a time not too long ago where Holy paladins just didn't run out of mana. This was not good for the game.

Holy paladins are still locked down to easy in pvp and bring nothing special to aid the group, whats being done to fix this?
This is a little vague for me to be able to address your concerns. I do think there may be something to the issue that Arena teams want a healer with some offensive capabilities as well, even if that means Mass Dispel.

We are close to no longer being the best single target healer. Other classes are catching up and paladins are being removed from raids.
I haven't seen any evidence that paladins are being removed from raids in LK. In BC, that started to happen because healers needed to move a lot and raids required a ton of AE heals which didn't play into paladin strengths. We chilled down those elements as well as giving paladins more tools for those situations (buy cheap wow gold from

Beacon of Light - Is horrible in its current state, at least lower the mana cost, make it work on overhealing, and make it last longer.
I have seen an awful lot of paladins who really like Beacon. Since you sound like someone who is active in the community, I would imagine you know this, so it surprises me you would state that Beacon is horrible as if it were an accepted fact. You're at least going to have to offer some more evidence.

Judgements of the Pure - Worst 5 point talent ever made. Its so deep in the holy tree and all it dose is give 15% haste? Not worth it at all.
Before we buffed Pure, I think it was underpowered. We hesitated because we saw some player calculations that it could have been decent even in its own form. Now in its new form, we feel like it is pretty potent. If it has a disadvantage, it's that it might invalidate some of the earlier Holy talents.


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