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FAQ:Ascent of Thrall-US

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How is the guild managed?

The guild is primarily managed by me (the guild leader) and several officers, four currently. Although there are several other players who are included in officer chat simply because I value their opinions, but they don't have any active role in leading the raid or managing the guild.

There are certain things that are delegated amongst people during a normal raid. I usually do invites and set up groups, we have one of our healers do healing assignments as we clear trash, another officer takes care of dkp, and me or yet another officer will set up groups for whatever encounter we're coming up on.

As far as guild admin stuff is concerned, Glayde handles most of the recruitment stuff, posting and getting in touch with recruits. I do most of the interviews on vent as well as most of the guild kicking and inviting. Serka does most of the admin stuff on the website.

Well, I'm a pretty big fan of just engaging a boss the first time you get there without much thought being put into it beforehand. We usually turn on combat logs and throw ourselves at the fight a few times just to find out what sort of abilities and damage we're dealing with. From there, we start to work on positioning the mobs in the correct place and trying to survive as long as possible and then once all that falls into place work on the DPS last.

There's a pretty free exchange of ideas that go around as we try to build a strategy around a new encounter. Although I don't like things to get too confusing, very often someone will have a different angle on the fight than anyone else had thought of prior to that and it can be useful in the long run.

What does an applicant experience through the recruitment process from beginning to end?

Well, for starters, we interview all of our potential recruits on Ventrilo before we even tell them to transfer over. This gives us a feel for their personality and overall knowledge of the class in a timely fashion. If they make it through that, we have them transfer over and the initiate period can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on how well they turn out. Some players there is absolutely no question that they belong, while others have to be molded a bit and given a bit more time to adapt to the way we do things.

Do you have any sweeping restrictions on people you will recruit? For instance some guilds have very strict age requirements and some guilds will not recruit women.

Not particularly. I think it's rather ignorant to ignore applications of anyone in particular, age or gender. Our female members are some of the strongest players I've ever raided with. As far as age is concerned, we don't really have a restriction but we are definitely a mature group of people and we want our raiders to reflect that.

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