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FAQ for Account-Bound Items

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Q: Which items are currently bind-to-account?
A: The following items are currently account-bound:

Blue Murloc Egg
Murloc Costume
Tyrael's Hilt
Big Blizzard Bear
Netherwhelp's Collar
Diablo Stone
Zergling Leash
Panda Collar

Q: How do I transfer an account-bound item to another character?
A: You can use the in-game mail system to send account-bound items to eligible characters. Look for mailboxes outside of inns, banks, and other locations throughout the game.

Q: Can I destroy account-bound pets or mounts after all the characters I play have learned them?
A: Yes, but if you do so, new characters you create on that account later will not be able to learn to summon the pet or mount. The exception to this is items that teach you to summon Collector's Edition pets (as of The Burning Crusade, these include the Netherwhelp's Collar, Diablo Stone, Zergling Leash, and Panda Collar), which are automatically mailed to each new character you create.

Q: Can I mail account-bound items to characters on different factions? What about characters on different realms?
A: No. Currently, account-bound items can only be mailed between characters on the same realm, in the same faction, and on the same account.

Q: Are pets and mounts obtained from World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Loot cards bind-to-account?
A: None of these items are currently bind-to-account.

Q: If I transfer a character holding an account-bound item to a new realm, will I be able to distribute the item to characters on the new realm? 
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