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How To Become A Player Mod?

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How do you know how to become a player mod?
What it really takes to be a player mod

1.Jagex mentions briefly that being active on the forums is part of it. It is true. Post on the forums as much as possible. Post in places that you are familiar with, and don't break forum rules.

2.Reporting players is a must, but If you use the 'Bounty Hunter' tactic (Standing in Varrock reporting autotypers, etc.) then you may not be picked. After looking in the player mod forums, it seems that Jagex picks players who like to have fun in game. So when you report players, do it while playing the game. Don't just sit at the yews and report macroers.

3.Jagex mentions that helping out other players helps. It does, but usually not when you do it in game. There is no real great wayto help players in game, Seeing as there is no 'Report a kind player' button. My advice is to help people using the official forums. A clean record is almost always necessary. Jagex chooses over 50 new mods a month and out of that only mods about 10. You can bet that the ones with no offences will be chosen. This is not mentioned in the knowledge base, but player mods can suggest other players to be modded. Therefore, if you are good friends with a player mod, you will have a better chance of being recognized. Correct grammar and spelling... Jagex doesn't want illiterate players representing their company in game.

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