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How To Support Your Group

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A healer is an integral part of in a group. If you are one of them, you don't just pay attention to healing. There are a few other things you can do to further support your party.
Above all, you are able to use mana potions. As stated above, your mana is the lifeline of everyone in your party. When you run out, you can't heal. So it is important for you to keep a stack of mana potions handy that are on par with your current level all the way. If you're an alchemist, acquiring these is usually an easy task. If not, the Auction House often sells mana potions, though they can be expensive. Perhaps someone in your group is an alchemist. They may not mind parting with a few extra mana potions. It never hurts to ask.
Secondly, you can warn others when you're OOM. It draws to a close that your mana will run dry and you'll be unable to heal. It's your responsibility to warn your group. Hotbar a macro with the 'oom' (Out of Mana) emote. This sends an auditory message to everyone that your mana is low. Players will recognize that this is when they need to "pull out all the stops" to keep themselves and the party alive. But if you don't warn them, they may expect a healer that will never come.
Thirdly, at most cases you have the abilities to assist the tank. Use the assist command while you have the main tank targeted and you will immediately target the mob he is targeting. This gives you a quick, easy way to focus any supplemental damage you wish to do. And because the main tank excels at holding aggro, damaging his target is generally safe.
Fourthly, it is cautious for you to make use of DoT spells. Other classes may want to crowd-control (CC) a mob (rogues using 'Sap' and mages using 'Polymorph' are two common forms of CC). If the mob has a DoT spell on it, it will break the effect. So if you want to use a DoT spell, stick it on a mob that is being attacked by others. And if mobs are dropping quickly, don't bother with DoT spells-casting them will just eat away at your mana reserves.
The last but not least, you should pay close attention to special strategies. Groups familiar with a certain instance will often strategize before a fight. Listen closely and use your strengths to support the strategy. Take a Mage as example. If a Mage is planning to do several area-of-effect (AoE) spells to many mobs at once, be ready to assist her with a shield or a series of quick heals. Similarly, if a stealthed Rogue is attempting to 'Sap' a target that is surrounded by several other mobs, be ready to aid him. Should his Sap fail, he may be the target of multiple mobs and require a fast heal, especially if he becomes rooted or stunned and can not fall back to your position.

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