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How do you schedule your playtime?

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How do you schedule your playtime? Do you try and work during "good times to queue?"

Drwhy: We have two approaches to this. We usually play right after our college classes during the mid-late afternoon, before when Nostalgia has to raid and then we play again afterwards.

We have found that it's a gamble to play before Nostalgia's raids because most of the time in the higher 2100+ brackets, you end up playing teams that are only worth 5-8 points. That means you can lose up to 22 to 25 points (since it's out of 30). To counter that issue, some of the comps you play tend to be less of "counters," so to speak, to our team. That lets us win more than lose.

At night time, which is our preferred playing time, after Nostalgia's raid, we get the most competition and fastest queues and that's when we try and push our team rating up. We usually only play during the day if we happen to queue and there's a team we can easily farm that's giving us 12 to 10 points per win. Then we go on doing our dailies or whatever else we're doing.

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