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How does Paladin tank?

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    How does Paladin tank? This's an issue of concern. Here we talk about it briefly. Those things you should take more notice. See below:
Frst of all, we make mention of Attack Rotation for Threat. No matter what, you now understand the basics about stats, items, talents, seals, blessings, and threat, but how do you actually tank something? Knowing that most of your threat generation comes from holy damage how do you cause as much as possible as quickly as possible. What is the best rotation to generate as much threat as possible on your target so that they stay attacking you?
Then the Threat Generation is also of importance. In Patch 3.0.2, Blizzard removed the Blessing of Salvation which was a threat reduction blessing. All the time the blessing was up on all DPS and healers in every raid,  so that Blizzard removed it and built the threat reduction that it provided into the game as extra threat for tank classes while in their tanking form (Defensive stance for warriors, Righteous Fury for Paladins). What this means is that while Righteous Fury (RF) is up you gain approximately 40% extra threat from all attacks. In addition, this is the 90% extra threat that RF causes from holy damage and is multiplied on top of it. When you attack with RF active, it causes damage you generate about 140% threat from regular damage and about 270% threat from holy damage.
Thirdly, the blessings play an important part. When you're tanking really comes down to two things. Are you over geared for the instance or are you having mana issues? If neither is true then you'll want to use Blessing of Kings (BoK) for the 10% boost to all stats. The 10% boost is across the board and grants you more health, mana, threat, and more. None of those should be ignored lightly.
However, there're two simple solutions if you are over geared or having mana issues. Either pull more creatures at once so that you take enough damage to get enough mana back from healing to keep going, or use the Blessing of Sanctuary (BoS). Blessing of Sanctuary lets you take less damage and provides mana back to you for your blocks, dodges and parries.
The last but not least, the tanking seals. Seal of Righteousness generates holy damage every time you hit with it, or when you judge it on a target. It causes damage based on its starting damage plus a percentage of your attack power and spell power. Seal of Vengeance works slightly differently as it places a DOT on the enemy that stacks up to 5 times. This DOT causes damage and therefore threat over time. You can also judge the seal to cause additional damage and threat based on the number of times it is stacked on the enemy. This means that at the start of a fight it generates very little threat, but ramps up over the first 5-10 seconds of the fight until it is generating full threat. Seal of vengeance gains a percentage of your attack power and spell power to cause holy damage.
But which one should you use? It depends on the situation. If you're tanking targets that die very quickly the SoR is a little bit better, however for anything that lasts long enough to get 5 or more attacks against you will want to use SoV. As a general rule, therefore you should keep SoV as your main seal.
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