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Leveling,the Taunka,and mounts

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Sweet Sweet SoulShards asks...

I wonder about Tauren lore...have the taunka helped the taurens with finding out their origin or something?

At the moment it seems to be the other way around; the Taunka need a lot of help. I haven't finished all of their questlines yet, but I've done almost all of the Howling Fjord quests from Camp Winterhoof, and several of the quests from the Westwind Refugee Camp. They're less concerned with lore right now and rather more concerned with getting the hell away from the Scourge, but you do get a rather cool quest inducting Taunka into the Horde (which, by the way, you'll need as a prerequisite for the Wrath gate cinematic). With that said, I haven't done all or even most of the Taunka quests as I've leveled pretty exclusively on the eastern side of the continent, so I'll keep an eye out for you.

Abbadon asks...

How soon can we start sending mail to our new DKs? Can they get mail from the getgo, or do they have to finish the "experience" first? Thanks.

They can start sending and receiving mail immediately, like any other alt. The difference, as Azri notes, is that you'll need to get a few starter quests out of the way before the Lich King sends you out of Acherus to the Scourge camp below. Just down the hill from the camp will be an abandoned house with a functional mailbox out front - but until you finish another few quests, there'll be a lot of hostile Scarlet soldiers between you and it (just be aware of the need to fight through them if you want to hit the mailbox as soon as you reach the ground). So if you want to send your bouncing baby Death Knight some new things, it'll be possible -- but it'll take about 30 minutes to an hour before they'll be able to get it, depending on how fast you get through the opening quests.

Zanieblyar asks...

Is there much of a difference in quest experience/money that I should or shouldn't level my alt to 70 in Outland before entering Northrend?

Money -- on average, yes. Experience, possibly not, depending on what quests you decide to do. Either way, wiith the reduction in the amount of experience needed to level between 60 and 70 hitting tomorrow with patch 3.02, the last two levels to 70 should go by quickly.

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