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Leveling,the Taunka,and mounts

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Dual specs are going to be patched into the game after Wrath launches, although I suppose it's theoretically possible that they'll go live when Wrath does if Blizzard manages to get that done between now and November 13th (don't count on it, though). Being able to sell enchants over the AH with the new parchments provided by Inscription will go live with patch 3.02 as soon as your server's brand-new Inscriptionists level the profession sufficiently.

Eternauta asks...

How fast can you level in outland with the changes to xp? are they implemented in the xpac or in the echoes of doom patch?

It will be implemented with the patch. While Blizzard's been cagey about the exact numbers on it, people on the PTR have reported a 30% reduction in the amount of experience needed to level.

by Allison Robert


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