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Mage Changes In Patch 3.0.2

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Improved Mana Shield has been renamed to Arcane Shielding, reduces mana lost per damage absorbed by 17/33%,and now also increases resistances granted by Mage Armor by 25/50%.
Improved Scorch now increases Fire, Frost, and Arcane damage done to the target by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Incineration moved to tier 1, increases the critical hit chance of Fire Blast, Scorch, Arcane Blast, and Cone of Cold by 2/4/6%.
Invisibility now makes the caster invisible after 3 seconds, reduced from 5 seconds.
Living Bomb will no longer knock all targets into the air.
Magic Absorption reduced to 2 ranks, increases resistances by .5/1 point per level, and restores 1/3% of total mana on a resist.
Magic Attunement (Arcane) now also increases the range of your Arcane spells by 3/6 yards.
Mana Shield now drains 1.5 mana per damage absorbed.
Master of Elements now affects all spell criticals.
Mind Mastery reduced to 3/6/9/12/15%.
Missile Barrage will now affect Arcane Barrage and the (R5) proc chance has been adjusted from 12% to 20%.
Molten Shields now gives Fire Ward and Frost Ward spells a 15/30% chance to reflect the warded spell.
Polymorph now costs 12% of base mana.
Portal spells now cost 18% of base mana.
Prismatic Cloak (Arcane) increased to 3 ranks for 1/2/3% and now also reduces the fade time of Invisibility by 1/2/3 seconds.
Pyroblast cast time has been reduced to 5 seconds.
Remove Lesser Curse has been renamed to Remove Curse.
Shatter no longer has a prerequisite.
Slow Fall now costs 6% of base mana.
Slow mana cost reduced.
Summoned Water Elemental's Waterbolt range increased, mana cost reduced, Freeze range increased, mana cost increased.
Teleport spells now cost 9% of base mana.
Winter's Chill reduced to 3 ranks, Frost damage spells have a 33/66/100% chance to trigger the effect and the effect increases chance to crit with Arcane, Fire and Frost spells.

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