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Q&A;: Stargate Worlds MMORPG team

Author: Emma Boyes Source: GameSpot UK

GSUK: Can you tell us about the other projects you are working on as well?

RN: In addition to Stargate Worlds, we have four other products in varying stages of development. This includes Project: Ascension, an additional MMOG based on a licensed property, and two other titles we haven't announced.

GSUK: Why did you guys take the decision to publish Stargate Worlds yourselves as opposed to seeking an outside publisher?

JY: We originally planned on using an outside publisher for Stargate Worlds, but after spending about a year negotiating with various groups, it became clear that self-publishing was a better option.

We recognize that an MMOG is more of a service than a product, and who's better positioned to offer the support customers need than we are? No one. We're building a world-class customer-service team and technical infrastructure that will allow us to build a relationship with gamers rather than have that relationship run through someone else.

What it all boils down to is that we have the talent to do this better than anyone else can. We've done this before.

GSUK: By and large, developers and publishers haven't done a great job of marrying quality games with social experiences, although there have been a few notable exceptions. Why are they successful, where others are not?

RN: We think that the current state of social experiences in games is not really that good. Most efforts feel tacked on. The major difference we foresee between our efforts and those of other game devs and publishers is that our efforts are growing organically. All of our products will be built with social networks in mind from the onset rather than providing minimal tools or tacking them on postlaunch.

GSUK: Do you see Stargate Worlds as being one of those that marry the two effectively and why/how?

RN: The true benefits of Project: Ascension and SNAP games won't become truly evident until we have a couple of games up and running. Stargate Worlds will have the social tools you expect to see in an MMOG, but the full extent of the "marriage" will come later.

GSUK: Do you not think online gaming has somewhat peaked, and that the market may be becoming saturated?


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