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Questions for the Lore in the World of Warcraft

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Do you have any questions for the Lore in the World of Warcraft? Why aren't the Night Elves and the Tauren allied or at least neutral towards another? I know that the Tauren have sworn allegiance to Thrall, but the two races have so much in common: They're crazy about Earthen balance, Druidism, preserving nature. They have the Cenarion Circle in which they ally, but why not besides that?

Politics are a complicated thing. Even people with very similar backgrounds and lifestyles can be at war. Territory, trade, whatever. Right now, I imagine the Tauren being allied with the Orcs is enough to split the two, but they haven't had a very good history, either. Old hatreds die hard and all that. There are a lot of little things under the surface that push groups away. You would think the Gnomes and Goblins would be best friends as well, but that's obviously not the case.

The Cenarion Circle is an entity seperate from both Darnassus and Thunder Bluff, so they're neutral in the whole deal.

The second question. This has two parts about the Naga. I was wondering if the Naga might ever decide to join the Horde, as they don't have any racial enemies on that side and have actually felt kinship with the blood elves.

The second question is how powerful could Azshara be now? She was stronger than Mannoroth 10,000+ years ago. Now that she's naga-fied and immortal, could she be on equal footing as, say Kil'jaeden or even Sargeras?

We don't really know, honestly. I have severe doubts that she's on equal footing with Sargeras, because if that were the case she wouldn't be sitting at the bottom of the ocean. She would probably be eating Kalimdor whole. Kil'jaeden? Eh, it's a stretch. But it's possible, I suppose. We fought Kil'jaeden in Sunwell, but we didn't kill him. Not nearly. We just kinda bopped him on the head and pushed him back into a portal. Only time will tell which of the two is more powerful, we haven't seen much of Azshara in a very long time. She's supposedly pretty strong, but for all we know she's just sat on a couch for hte last 10,000 years and the Naga only serve her because man, she's the freaking Queen!

If the humans turned their back on the Forsaken due to their undead condition. Why are they all lovely dovey towards the Death Knights?The Death Knight questline explains their return to the Horde/Alliance, and supplies some reasoning for why their factions are okay with them. Forsaken, on the other hand, are painted by the game to be very anti-Human. Why in the world would Humans accept them, former loved ones or not? One of their battle cries is, "Death to the living!" and they say such things consciously aware of their words. It's a completely different situation.

If a group of Forsaken went through the same thing our Death Knights did and atoned the same way our Death Knights are, they'd potentially have a shot of joining the fold, at least for awhile. As it stands, the Forsaken reject Humanity just as much as Humans reject the Forsaken. Sylvanas is their Queen, Varian Wrynn is not their King.

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