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What's your opening strategy?

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What's your opening strategy? What do you like to do as soon as the gate opens?

Drwhy: After getting our buffs in, we usually try and rush the first pillar we see so I have room to work with, including the Lordaeron tomb. Line of Sight is a huge key in winning Arena matches, and having the possibility of using it before your enemy can makes matches much easier.

Depending on who we play against, we usually go for a Sap and pressure on something. I have the talent Holy Nova in order to help me find Rogues and avoid getting Sapped. Nostalgia pre-Sprints and Vanishes in order to get the opener and not get sapped as well.

For most teams with a Druid, we Sap whatever we can find and then put pressure on the DPS until the druid pops out. Against Warlock teams, we sap the warlock and Nostalgia gets on the pet while I stay mounted ready to Fear the druid. Different comps require different strats, but they all involve communication.

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