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WoW Q/A Panel about BlizzCon 2008

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Next hero class?

Spells started working indoors that never did. Can we have no dismounting in caves?
First content patch of WotLK will have ground mounts no longer dismount in water, they can swim!

DK tanks through damage, in damage where do they stand?
Not at the top of the DPS list when tanking, when not tanking they should be a lot like rogues and warriors.

Any plans to add resilience to PVE gear to not get destroyed in battlegrounds?
There is the ability to get PVP gear for PVE tokens, the crossover is encouraged and we like the game better this way.

Why is the pandaren the only Warcraft race missing from World of Warcraft?
China is an important playerbase and there are issues with pandas there.

What do you think about PVE arenas?
We had that idea for a long time now to encounter bosses in arenas. There are reward and technology issues involved.

Thanks for the achievement and titles. Any chance to extend championing to work with other reps?
We're looking at other outdated reputations that are really grindy to raise. For example fixing Ravenholdt rep.

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