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Loyalty Points and NPC Factions

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While it is important to be able to use these tools in game, the tools outside of game are also very important. The absolutely BEST tool in my opinion though is the LP database over at:
We've been looking at the NPC Corporation called "Caldari Business Tribunal". Let's see what type of LP rewards they have. At the LP Database site, select "Caldari State" as a filter, and then in the main portion of the window, select "Caldari Business Tribunal". This window will now show from the most expensive through the cheapest, what LP rewards are offered at Caldari Business Tribunal. As you can see from this example, there are 8 pages of LP rewards and it lists how much LP and ISK and anything else that is required to gain a particular LP reward.
You can play around with various corporations to see what they have and make an informed decision on which NPC Corporation you would like to work for. There is one more step I like to take at this point, once I have found a corporation, and that is to look it up over at:
This gives you more information about the corporation that again, in my opinion, immerses you more deeply into the universe of Eve Online. This is good information to have for a variety of reasons:
Role Play value
Do you role-play?
Character Concept value
Why would a free trader work for state institution?
Game knowledge
What does Caldari Business Tribunal do?
At this site, simply work your ways to a particular corporation. For example, we know that Caldari Business Tribunal is Caldari faction, so we select "corporations in Caldari State" and then find our corporation "Caldari Business Tribunal"; these are not in alphabetical order. This shows us the logo for the corporation and a brief introduction to it. Select "details" and we are now given more information about this corporation. In this example only a little information is given, but I've seen corporation details that are ten times the info of this particular corporation. Some of this information will include what this corporation trades and deals in, as well as primary NPC names of prominent people in the corporation. It also lists any corporation news that reflects in game.
With all of this information at your disposal, you can now make educated decisions on which NPC corporations you need to work for, not just LP but other needs as well, such as character development. By using all of the tools presented in this article you will be on your way to be more knowledgeable about the game and the LP system.
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