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Unstable Wormholes and Tech 3

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While their aim was to make the game more palatable and welcoming for new players, the bulk of the expansion was certainly aimed at EVE veterans. Unstable wormholes would be popping up in the universe of EVE - or rather, they'd always been there but the technology hadn't existed to discover them. Using new scanners, players would be able to track down these wormholes that would sporadically open and close.

The unstable wormholes would function as gateways to new, heretofore unconnected space - completely unexplored and undiscovered - that, joked Olafsson, was full of "stuff." Ancient stuff, he clarified: artifacts and the like, new resources that would open the way to the game's new Tech 3.

Tech 3 is something that EVE [eve isk] players have been looking forward to for some time since the release of Tech 2 back in 2004. With the new unexplored space, there would also be new discoveries to be made, including new ship designs. Olafsson explained that the team had discussed how many new ships to give each race, but had eventually settled on another implementation entirely: modular technology. Players would be able to mix and match different components. The current plans had 5 different modules with 5 different levels in each, allowing for a whopping 3125 different potential permutations - though CCP cautioned there might be restrictions involved.

There would also be "epic mission arcs" consisting of a hierarchy of missions in a branching storyline tree. Failing a particular mission wouldn't end the storyline, but instead would open up a different mission (whereas a success would lead to another quest entirely).EVE Players would traverse the trees in different ways depending on how they did on different missions.

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