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1-375 Rapid Cooking Alliance Guide

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Fly to Winterspring. Buy recipe: monter omelet from Himmik. Grind owlbeasts north of Everlook and any winterspring owls and screechers you see for giant eggs. Collect enough to take your cooking skill from 225 to 250. You may need 25-30. There is a cooking fire next to the flight master.
Visit Malygen in Felwood and purchase Recipe: Juicy Bear Burger and Recipe: Charred Bear Kabobs. Then kill bears almost anywhere in Felwood until you get to 285.
Hearth to Gadgetzan. Fly to Silithus. Accept Desert Recipe from the Innkeeper in Cenarion Hold. Turn it in on a box in the western part of the first Twilight camp to the west of CH. Accept Sharing The Knowledge. Turn it in at the inn. You'll learn how to make Smoked Desert Dumplings, upon its completion, that will be orange all the way up to 300. Just kill the Dredge Crushers and Strikers all around Cenarion Hold for mats and buy soothing spices in CH. You may also want to turn in 10 Smoked Desert Dumplings at the innkeeper for the follow-up quest. Rewards some XP and/or wow gold.
If you have The Burning Crusade, you can continue to 375. First you have to learn Master Cooking which is trainable with a book sold by Gaston or Naka.
Then do the quest Smooth As Butter to get Recipe: Buzzard Bites. Go back and kill buzzards and cook their meat until you have 325 skill. 
Then go buy Recipe: Talbuk Steak from Uriku and kill talbuks in Nagrand. They are all over the place. Cook their meat until you reach 335 skill or more.
Purchase Recipe: Crunchy Serpent and Recipe: Mok'Nathal Shortribs from Sassa Weldwell.
Then grind raptors and serpents and cook their flesh until you're at 375. Warning: You will need A TON of meat to get the last few skill points.


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