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A specific role for Death Knight

Author: inwowgold Source:

Talent Spec
Getting out of the Death Knight starter experience, you should be level 57, or possibly 58.  My personal favorite spec at this point is Unholy (2/0/46) for maximized solo leveling efficiency, though other specs will work fine. A few key explanations:

Butchery is a great grinding talent, especially for tier 1.  I would suggest this being the very first talent you max out while going through the starting experience.  It'll increase the rate of your Death Coils by a fair bit, which is one of your major sources of damage before having a two rune attack.
Epidemic early on is mostly filler, since you won't have Scourge Strike until later in the starting experience, but obviously you'll need to put those points somewhere.  However, once you can work Scourge Strike into your rotation, this is a great talent to have to buy you an extra rotation of multiple Scourge Strikes.
On A Pale Horse is a clear winner of a talent for grinding.  This will prove especially useful once you get to Outland and don't have the liberty of being given your flight paths for free.  It will cut down on time spent traveling fairly substantially by the end of your leveling progression.
Reaping is a great talent once you have Scourge Strike.  Every other rotation can be an extra Scourge Strike in place of two Blood Strikes.
Master of Ghouls will allow you to summon your ghoul and keep him out until he dies, as well as control him like a pet.  That combined with Ravenous Dead will mean your ghoul will contribute decently to your grinding; especially with the Pet Defensive changes.
Unholy Aura, much like On A Pale Horse, is another winner of a talent for grinding.  This will increase your run speed by 15%.
Bone Shield is a great mitigation talent.  It's one of the better grinding mitigation talents since it doesn't have a brief duration like Unbreakable Armor and Vampiric Blood.
Scourge Strike will be a huge source of your damage.  It's shadow damage so it's not mitigated by armor, and it doesn't strip your diseases like its physical counterpart Obliterate, allowing you to avoid the Frost tree entirely if you so choose.
Ebon Plaguebringer is an amazing talent.  It has great synergy with your diseases, as well as increasing Scourge Strike's damage by 13%.  Of course, it'll also passively increase your chance to crit as well.
For other builds, you can try Blood (48/0/0), Frost (2/46/0), or a few various hybrid builds.  You'll notice that all three talent builds have Butchery.  This is a great talent assuming you're solo leveling [You can buy wow gold here]; if you're tap leveling or being powerleveled, it's not so great and you can go 48 deep in Frost/Unholy instead.


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