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About the Strand of Ancients

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Strand of Ancients is the newest instanced battle available for player eager for a new PvP challenge in Blizzard's newest expansion. But how Strand of Ancients works.   In Wrath of the Lich King, Strand of Ancients is Blizzard's newest edition to the PvP instances. Is it worth to wait for World of Warcraft 's battleground? What are the difference, and what objectives can we find upon questing up? It is the crux of the matter. Here we at first to talk about the Strand of Ancients
  First off, we make mention of Siege Weapon. Siege Weapons will allow people to destroy buildings that stand in their way, and cannot be touched otherwise by any ability. While the Strand of the Ancients tanks allow anywhere from 1 to 3 people into a vehicle, in Lake Wintergrasp, you will be able to mount up in either 1-man catapults or the 3-man siege vehicles also found in Strand of the Ancients, depending on your "standing" during the match.
But how do they work ,where are they, and what performance can you expect? Peole hope that WoW becomes the next Unreal Tournament-style PvP competition may be happy to learn that Stats and Class don't matter at all when controlling a vehicle - only skill and luck. Your vehicle will have 1 or 2 abilities open to them, depending on its model.
The demolisher makes a repeat appearance in Strand of the Ancients, as your only option to break down the enemy fortress walls and keep advancing to capture your goal before the other faction wins.
You may hop onto a Demolisher as soon as you get out of your boat leading into the beach, and start destroying the enemy walls if you have a clear path. Generally, players will block your advance and try to destroy your machine right away, so it's best to clear the area before destroying one of these treasured vehicles.
Something that has me worried though is it seems like teamwork is going to be paramount in order to win, especially on the defence side, something whcih is definately lacking in WoW BGs. The description of the defence turrets sound like they would eb best sued by melee DPS while ranged DPS takes shots at the attackers from the walls.
However I can see more thana few ranged DPS pleysr taking and refusing to let go of the turrets as they're new and shiny, while the melee dps sit back and twiddle their thumbs.
There's a BG in WAR that has a bolt thrower over looking at apporach to a flag for a CTF flag match and I often see ranged classes using it when they coudl be mush more use allowing someone else and they use their enate abilities to help the fight further.
If attacking, your goal is to break down all the walls stopping you from claiming the final area with Siege Weaponry. Currently, you have 10 minutes to capture the opposing team's base.
If defending, your goal is to use anti-personnel turrets and any means necessary to stop your enemies from gaining ground in your base and thus advancing toward their goal.
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