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Engineers can use Jumper Cables to resurrect players
Suicide Bad Pull
If the puller makes a bad pull, have that puller just die and not lead the monsters back to the group. In some circumstances, a Hunter can use "Feign Death" to escape a bad pull.
Hearth, Repair, and Summon
Warlocks enable party members to leave and return to the dungeon with greater ease. Let's say a player needs to repair, get food/water, or needs to turn in a quest or pick up a quest item. Players can use their hearthstone to port back to base. The party can then summon that player back once the player has completed their task. The player must first return to the dungeon and enter the instance before they can be summoned.
Pet Classes
Hunters and Warlocks should have their pets on Passive the majority of the time in an instance. Consider binding "Pet Attack" to its own key.
Common Don'ts
Don't run off and open a chest during battle
Don't separate from the group
Don't go off exploring if you're not the main puller
Other Information
When in a raid party, quest items do not drop and most quests cannot be completed unless they are flagged as raid quests.
Make as much room in your inventory as possible, so that you will not have to pass up or destroy loot deep in the instance. Put everything that you will not need during the instance into the Bank. Examples: Quest items for quests outside the instance, Profession supplies and tools other than the Mining Pick and the Skinning Knife. If you find yourself running out of room during instances, consider buying larger bags at the Auction House.
Rogues can pick locks, which can be useful in several dungeons.
Bring backup equipment, if you have room. That way, if your item durability fails, you can go to a backup. This situation can come up if you die a lot trying to complete a dungeon.
Bring appropriate healing, mana, and buff potions.
Bring ammo or required reagents for spells.
Bring required Quest Items.
Clear out space in your bags. Make sure you have enough space open for loot. You should only bring to the dungeon items that you need. Everything else should be put in the bank so you're ready to carry loot!

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