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Well, forget SL/SL. That clearly wasn't working for me. In this day and age of Arcane Barrage, Divine Storm, and Bladestorm, it's all about dishing out damage. So I went full 56 / 0 / 5 full Affliction and decided to focus on just dishing out some pain instead of trying to take it, even skipping over PvP talents entirely just so I could keep up with all this insane damage in the 3.0.2 world. The good news is that Affliction is incredibly fun.

I know Ghostcrawler said in the same post as the Soul Link change that Warlock DPS isn't where it should be, and I'm glad that we're getting passive buffs. Shadow Mastery for 15% more Shadow damage? Nom nom nom nom! Affliction is hauntingly beautiful. The tree feels so synergistic for me and coupled with Glyph of Corruption stacking with Nightfall, it feels like I can spam Shadow Bolts more than ever.

Because of this, I slapped on Glyph of Shadow Bolt, too, although I never quite run out of mana with this spec. Haunt is phenomenally fun, and I've been scrambling for more crit gear just to squeeze more out of Pandemic. Damage output feels good, natural, and synergistic with many talents in the tree. The new Spellstones are brilliant, and I think I'm going to save money off not ever having to buy mana oils again. In PvE, the spec feels great. I press lots of buttons, slowly getting my rotation in order, end up doing whopper damage. I cheat in Mount Hyjal because it's just a Seed of Corruption fest and getting haste from my spellstone and Eradication procs only means I can keep spamming it that much faster. It crits quite a bit, too, because of Improved Corruption.

But Affliction damage on bosses is pretty awesome, too because the length of the fight just lets the periodic damage just get stronger and stronger, thanks to Everlasting Affliction. I'm not going to throw out any numbers here because I just don't have them right now, but I'll say that playing Affliction right now is about the most fun I've had in a long time. The only real caveat is in PvP, because going full Affliction with 5 points in Bane means I have about as much survivability as a wet tissue paper. I skipped the move impairing abilities because I'll tell you right now that they're useless in PvP in the current environment. Classes simply have too many abilities to counter kiting and the one class that's easy to kite -- the Paladin -- can instagib me. Affliction is not about survivability right now. That is still the domain of Demonology.

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