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Alchemy 1-450 Guide

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Alchemy 395-405
Create 10 Elixir of Mighty Agility
You will need:
20 x Goldclover
20 x Adder's Tongue
10 x Imbued Via
Alchemy 405-410
Create 5 Runic Healing Potion
You will need:
5 x Goldclover
10 x Icethorn
5 x Imbued Vial

Alchemy 410-425
Create 15 Runic Mana Potion
This goes green at 422. Keep making these until you hit 425.
You will need:
30 x Lichbloom
10 x Goldclover
10 x Imbued Vial

Alchemy 425-435
Create 10 Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond
You will need:
10 x Dark Jade
10 x Huge Citrine
10 x Eternal Fire

Alchemy 435-450
You have multiple choices here. Create any combination of these you want. Each will take you all the way to 450.

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