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Aldor Reputation Guide

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"The Aldor are an ancient order of draenei priests who revere the naaru, and to this day they assist the naaru known as the Sha'tar in their battle against Illidan and the Burning Legion. Though they have suffered much at the hands of the blood elves who later became the Scryers, they have put aside open warfare for the sake of the Sha'tar. The Aldor's most holy temple lies on the Aldor Rise, overlooking the city from the west. "

The Aldor is one of the factions you may choose to ally yourself with as you enter Shattrath city. Both Horde and Alliance can be Aldor, although Blood Elves will be Hated initially thanks to the lore and how both factions came to be.

Although there is no set best faction to support, Aldor generally favors Healers with their inscriptions and the spellthread recipes at Honored and Exalted.

It is worthy of note that you cannot be on friendly terms with both factions at once. Due to the way it is set up, if you complete quests for either faction your standing with the other will lower substancially more, making it mathematically impossible for you to have favor with both at once. You will always lose 10% more than what you earn with the opposing faction.

Burning Crusade you encounter, the aldor is the second of the main faction. Gaining reputation with the Aldor faction, as opposed to the Scryer faction, will largely benefit your PvE experience (Player v Environment) and slightly benefit your PvP experience (Player v Player). The reasoning behind this is the stats that the shoulder enchantments (obtained at both honored and exalted) are more tailored to killing beasts and bosses, where as the Scryer shoulder enchantments are more tailored to killing your fellow players. As such, the decision to choose Aldor suggests that you're a PvE orientated player.
But how to choose the aldor and how do you gain reputation with the Aldor are part and parcel. The following information is of the most importance.
How to choose the aldor as your faction, you'll have to first complete the Shattrath City introduction quest. Once you've had the grand tour of the place simply talk to Khadgar, he will allow you to choose either the scryers or aldor at this point.
Make sure you don't choose the wrong one because it is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive to change your reputation later.
Gaining reputation with the aldor is fairly straight forward. You have a few basic avenues to increase your reputation. The first one you'll encounter is obviously questing.
There are aldor quests located in nearly every zone after you first make it to Shattrath City. I'm not going to list all of them out, but generally speaking, keep an eye out for any NPC quest givers that have an "Aldor" tag under their name, or are Draenie.
Having reputation with the Aldor faction entitles you to many benefits, including purchasable items, shoulder enchantments, tier quality loot vendors, a home in Shattrath and more. The number of benefits, and their usefulness, increases as your reputation does.

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