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Aldor Reputation Guide

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There are a number of blue quality and epic quality items that you can purchase when you get revered and exalted reputation respectively. In particular these items can benefit from the classes/specs.
To the point, I want to talk about some place to farm your reputations. The first place you can farm is in Terokkar forest. You'll be seeking out Mark of Kil'Jaeden. These items drop off nearly all of the Cabal soldiers located in central Terokkar forest.
To some extent farming Mark of Sargeras will be one of your primary avenues for gaining reputation. Mark of Sargeras drop off mobs over level 67 and are located in Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm, and some 5-man instances.The mobs they drop off of are easy to kill, but you'll want to be at least level 67 before attempting to venture to the zones where they are located. Any mob generally classified as a "demon" will drop these marks.
In short the last method of gaining reputations is farming Fel Armaments, which is through fel armaments. Quite honestly, this's your best bet for gaining reputation. Not only do you gain the most reputation (350 per), but you will also receive a holy dust.
You can also now start handing in any Fel Armaments you've collected. They reward +350rep per turn in, and have the additional bonus of rewarding you with Holy Dust. This item is used to purchase shoulder enchantments from the Aldor bank within Shattrath city, enhancing your shoulders with great stats. There are enchantments designed for every class, so make sure you look at the stats they offer, and decide what you want most. However, like other enchantments, if you're unhappy with your decision you can simply use more Holy Dust to purchase another shoulder enchantment, and override the previous enchantment.
Therefore you should keep in mind that there are shoulder enchantments however, for every class, so no one is totally neglected. Note that there are both uncommon and rare (green and blue) versions of each enchantment. The green ones required a honored reputation, and the blue ones exalted.

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