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AoE Grinding Guide with Fire Mage

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Lowbie fire mage

This is a bit harder with fire mage i would say since you only have Flamestrike as AoE spell.

Shield yourself, go get the mobs you want then:

FN - CoC (if you got it) - run to safe spot as far away as you can cast flamestrike - flamestrike - if you are luckey, flamestrike again - FN - CoC - run - flamestrike.

Credits: Magexsix

Grinding with Combustion + Blastwave:

1. Combustion + Flamestrike
2. FS at your own feet.
3. Blastwave + Cone of Cold (before NOVAing)
4. Frost Nova, walk backwards.
5. FS again over the frozen mobs.
6. (If there is any mob still alive) If you're a troll, don't forget to berserk at this point (increases cast speed by 10%). Then use Arcane Explosion.
7. just to make sure, push "tab" to change your target and cast a fire blast. If there is one mob alive, it will go down for sure. By now your CoC should also be recharged so there's nothing to fear.

Credits: Vulcana (post 86)

Grinding with PoM + Blastwave:

Collect mobs on mount,
frost nova, run back a bit to make room
Pom + then a 2nd flamestrike
whilst walking backwards - cone of cold
arcane explosion to finish.

Credits: Boskank (post 106)

(If it is your first time grinding, it is good to know that you will have to get used to if first and you will proberbly die a few times in start)

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