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Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft

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      A round of Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft can be both long and grueling. It may seem like luck decides a win, but approaching it the right way can make everyone's game just a little bit easier and help propel you to a win. When Wrath actually releases, Wintergrasp will probably be the place to be, and I am just plain tired of WSG and all the shenanigans in AV, but AB still seems to have some fun in it.
       I have to admit, wow gold eu I have been giving Arathi Basin short shrift lately -- while I am having a great time hitting all the solo achievements, battlegrounds have fallen by the wayside on my play schedule. But AB is a great time, and if you have recently found your way back in there, Slorkuz happens to be an expert on AB winning -- when a player wonders how to win AB in a tournament setting, Slork shows up a wall of text on how to walk away with at least 3 nodes.
       But how to win Arathi Basin? It is easy to say that Arathi Basin is an issue of concern. See the following content:
       Listen to your teammates. Teamwork is all important in something like Arathi Basin. You're not going to single-handedly take back a node unless its completely unoccupied; just 1 enemy can respawn before you cap the flag. If someone has an idea try it out; see if it works. Rushing blindly from node to node will get you nowhere.
Hold each node your team occupies as long as you can. The longer you hold a node, the more points you obtain, giving you an easy advantage. If you have to give one up, always move to another. This gives you wriggle-room if your team loses a node or two later on.
Pick a strategy. At the beginning, talk with your teammates and figure out what you think will work based on the opposing team and your own. With you all following the same strategy, the odds for success become much higher. Before you begin, make sure everyone is on the same page.
Go with the flow. Don't be afraid to change tactics if your strategy is not working out. Not every strategy works for every instance and sometimes the strategy needs to evolve to fix your weak points. Make sure, however, that you give the strategy a chance first, and that everyone is on the same page when you change.

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