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Arena of World of Warcraft

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The Ring of Valor
Location: Orgrimmar
Theme: Orcish Arena
Shadow Sight: After 90 seconds, two Shadow Sight powerups appear on opposite sides of the arena. Picking one up will briefly let you see stealthed and invisible characters, at the cost of increased damage taken by 5%.
Team Building in the Arena
Last time we have introduced the arena together with its irreplacable function in the World of Warcraft, by extention, we have referred to the Fields of Honor. As the arena aims not only to offer players with a highly competitive environment, but also the required skills and levels to level up in the World of Warcraft.
Since then, we should follow the maneuvers designed by the developers. Now we will begin with the building personalized teams.
Building Your Team   
Arena Teams are similar to guilds in that they are persistent groups of players with their own name and symbol. There are three different types of teams, one for each type of match you can fight in the Arena: two players versus two players (2v2), 3v3, and 5v5. Unlike guilds, you can be in several different teams at the same time, but you can be in only one team of a certain type; for example, you can't be in two different 3v3 teams, but you can be in a 2v2 and in a 5v5 team. Also, you need to be at least level 70 before you can join or create an Arena Team.
Creating an Arena Team is like creating a guild. Simply purchase a team charter from an Arena Promoter, name your team, pick your team colors and logo, and collect additional player signatures depending on the team size (one additional signature for a 2v2 team, two for a 3v3, and four for a 5v5). Once you have all the signatures you need, you can turn in your completed team charter.
A team can include up to twice the number of characters required to start the team, which means you can have benchwarmers that fill in if your main gladiators are not available.
Team Charters can be purchased at the following locations:
"King Dond" - The Ring of Trials in Nagrand
Steamwheedle Sam - Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountains
Bip Nigstrom - Gadgetzan in Tanaris
The prices for team charters are:
2v2 Team Charter - 80g
3v3 Team Charter - 120g
5v5 Team Charter - 200g
That's all for the team building. We will go on with the fighting in the arena, the Team Ratings, Arena Points, and Sweet, Sweet Prizes and other relating questions. Therefore, stay with us and thank you for your attention.
Fighting in the Arena
Once you have your team set up, it's time to prove your might in the Arena. You get into an Arena match like you join a Battleground: talk to an Arena Battlemaster and select the type of match you want to queue for. You can select either a ranked game or a skirmish, which is a practice fight that won't impact your Team Rating. Once your team is in the queue, the matchmaking system will look for other teams with a suitable ranking for you to play against. When it finds a match, both teams are teleported into the arena and the match countdown begins.
Arena Battlemasters are located next to other battlemasters in major cities. Ask a guard for directions. Additionally, you can start arena games at The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountains, and Gadgetzan. Most arena players seem to use the Arena Battlemaster in Shattrath City. As when joining a Battleground, after a match your team will be teleported to the battlemaster who entered your team in the queue.
Fights in the Arena are subject to a set of special rules. You'll find the most important ones listed below. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these rules before you enter your first match.
Pre-match Countdown
At the beginning of each match, both teams are placed in separate holding areas on opposite ends of the arena, and a countdown begins. Get ready to fight!
Any existing buffs and conjured items will be purged or deleted upon entering. This is to ensure that outside buffs are not used, and that no conjured items from players not actually in your group are being used.

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